Mods, helpers and admins

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Mods, helpers and admins

Post by Geeker on Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:17 am

Mods, helpers and admins are here to make your lives here as comfortable and safe as possible. Moderators have the power to do what they wish to topics and posts. They are our friends. Do not bad-mouth them, harass or make their lives or jobs difficult even if you think they're wrong. If you are convinced they are wrong, PM me and I'll look into it.

Helpers are just that. Members who help out. Anyone can be a helper. If you see a spammer or someone posting stuff that are against the TOS rules, don't hesitate to report the post or member. That said, don't be a rat. No one likes a rat. Don't go running off telling the mods about someone using foul language or that their opinion doesn't jive with yours.

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